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mardi 19 octobre 2010

Final Fantasy 14

Waiting a lot of this game, and, maybe I'll buy my first Final on-line game :)

4 commentaires:

  1. Nooo, it's a really disappointing game. They released it unfinished. Wait until March when the PS3 version is supposed to launch. They're losing so many people that aren't subscribing after the free 30 days that they gave everyone an extra free 30 days to try to keep them.

  2. Really ? What a shame. Thank you for your warning. I'll wait the PS3 version so :)

  3. Each to their own opinion. I've been in the game since the early betas And I enjoy the game. So it has it's fault but it is an expanding MMO. It will have it's faults at ANY given time. You really got to judge for yourself. I don't see the game getting less, it's still getting bigger as more servers are given out. They have extended the free period because it's unfair to charge people when the game still has some bugs. Plus, the more people who play and give feedback they need, the better it can become. If you want a good game, help them. If you abandon them, you aren't part of the solution.

    As said. Each to their own. If I heed the warnings I'd been given, I feel like I'd be missing out. :P