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mardi 14 juillet 2009

KOF swimsuit

New swimsuit series : King of Fighter's men.

Nouvelle serie de gars en maillots de bain : Les mecs de King of Fighters.

4 commentaires:

  1. Could you possibly draw more hunks swim wear like Joe's?

  2. Kaze, am so happy you're back, it's been quite awhile. When I thought my whole Monday would be crap, you uncrapped it. Happy you're back Kaze and please don't go away anytime soon.

  3. Joe is deffinetly the best in here
    I am also glad to see the sketchs, with pencil and paper
    Both in pencil and inked, I admore your linearts soo much

  4. Great job my friend!!!!!
    But where´s orochi, chris, maxima and yashiro swimsuit???